Town of Tincup History

Community of Tincup History

Tincup is considered to be an area encompassed by the Tincup Creek Drainage. It is located due east of Freedom and surrounds Hwy 34 which leads to Soda Springs, Idaho. It never was considered to be a politicical entity such as a town or township.

Community of Tincup Cemetery History
Location: The Tincup cemetery was located on the old Haderlie Ranch prior to 1890 on a knoll approximately 3 miles east of the Idaho state line, to the south of Hwy 34. It is currently inaccessible (located on private property). Records indicate that these gravesites were exhumed and moved to Freedom. (GPS: 42.99611N 111.06674W)
How Obtained: Unknown
History: The first grave was reputedly dug for a Haderlie child, a brother of Luther Haderlie.