Town of Glen History

Community of Glen History

The community of Glen, Idaho, was a rural one and did not become a political entity. It encompasses the drainage area of Jackknife Creek and is located northwest of Freedom about a mile. Although it has been said that there was a store there, former residents indicated that there wasn't any. There was, however, a building which was used for both a school and church for the community's residents. This building is still standing.

An article from the October 12, 1928 Star Valley Independent shows the happenings in Glen as reported by a correspondent.

William King Heap is said to have died 15 Jan 1893 and been buried on the old Henry Heap ranch. He was later exhumed and reburied in Freedom/Thayne.

In addition, Eli Heap, whose wife was Edna Slater, died 3 Jul 1907 and was also thought to have been buried in Glen.