Afton Heritage Hall Of Fame

The Afton Heritage Hall of Fame first opened on July 5th, 2008, in the Afton Civic Center, with the purpose being to honor those who have contributed to the success of Afton and the entire Star Valley Community. In addition to the people shown herein, it is planned that additional inductees will be added to the Hall of Fame in the coming years.

The Afton Heritage Hall of Fame members are displayed herein, in alphabetical order, according to the years in which they were inducted:

2008: William Walton Burton, Anson Vasco Call II, Clarence Gardner, Annie Rebecca Seward Kennington, Osborne Low, Dr. George Washington West.

2009: Emery Milton (Mit) Barrus, Martha (Mattie) Tolman Barrus, William Henry Kennington, Sr., Godfrey Arthur (G. A.) Newswander, Erastus Francis Winters, G. W. (Con) Yeaman.

2010: Lee R. Call, Reuel Thomas Call, Doyle Francis Child, Alda Fugal Gardner, Carl Robinson.

2011: Charles Drake Cazier, Morris James Hale, Kerstina Neilson Harrison Olson, George Osmond.

2012: Elno Foss Draney, Archibald Gardner, Ben Nield.

2013: William Lester Bagley, Barlow Hale Call, Ted Child Frome.

2014: Thomas F. Burton, Maud Ranzenberg, C. S. Wray.

2015: Hyrum Don Carlos Clark, Violet Ruth Lancaster Hyde, Walter Kenneth Olsen.

2016: Harry Bruce, Carwin Linford, , O. D. Perkes.

2017: Lettie Campbell, Floyd B. Hunsaker.

2018: Charles A. Johnson, Delaine Roberts.

2019: E. Herbert Andersen, Herbert Schwab.

2020: Parley Pratt Baldwin, B. Delos Gardner.

2021: Jermy Wight, Noel Marvin Sessions.

2022: Alvin LeRoy Robinson, Owen Woodruff Cranney.

2023: None.

2024: Coming soon.

William Walton Burton, 1833-1918

Born in Bradford Yorkshire England, immigrated to the United States and on to the Salt Lake Valley in 1854. William arrived in Afton in 1886.

· Was the first merchant in Star Valley selling first from a wagon, then from a tent, and finally from the first framed building in Afton. The business was incorporated as W.W. Burton & Sons Mercantile in 1904.

· Established the first commercial creamery in Afton in 1900, and expanded to creameries in Osmond, Freedom, Thayne, and Bedford. These creameries were responsible for much of the growth and wealth of Star Valley for the next twenty-five years. · Imported registered Holstein Cattle from Wisconsin to improve the dairy herds of Star Valley in 1910.

· Served as 1st Counselor in the first LDS Stake Presidency from 1892 - 1913 and as LDS Stake Patriarch from 1913 until his death in 1918.

Anson Vasco Call, II, 1855-1944

Born in Willard, Utah, A.V. came to Afton in the summer of 1887 because the governor of Wyoming welcomed Mormons who he said were good colonizers. A.V. Call was exactly that, for he would eventually have four wives and thirty-seven children, and for many years would be the principal carpenter of Star Valley. He built everything from flour bins to tabernacles.

· Built the first chapel in Afton in 1892.
· Chosen as counselor to George Osmond in the first Star Valley Stake Presidency in 1892.
· Elected with Osborne Low and William Kennington to incorporate Afton in 1901.
· First Mayor of Afton from 1901 - 1905.
· Chosen as architect and contractor for Star Valley Stake Tabernacle in 1904.
· Completed the Tabernacle in 1909.
· Taught school in the winter, and built many homes during the summers.
· Served as Mayor again from 1912 - 1914.
· Promoted and supervised the construction of the first Afton water system from 1913 - 1914.
· Served again as Mayor from 1924 - 1927 (nine terms in all).
· Federal Land Bank appraiser for Lincoln, Uinta and Teton Counties from 1910 - 1935.

Clarence Gardner, 1875-1959

Born in West Jordan, Utah, in 1875. He arrived in Afton with his parents on October 1, 1889, at the age of fourteen. At the age of sixteen he became a bookkeeper for Gardner Mills and functioned in that capacity for the next sixty years. His record of service to his Church, the Town of Afton, Lincoln County and the State of Wyoming was unequaled by any of his contemporaries:

· President of Star Valley Stake of the LDS Church 1913 - 1940.
· Trustee of Afton's first School District.
· Afton City Councilman 1901 - 1904.
· Second Mayor of Afton 1905 - 1907.
· Member of the Wyoming House of Representatives 1909 - 1911.
· Member of Wyoming Senate for 10 consecutive Legislative Sessions 1915 - 1935.
· President of Senate in 1931, Acting Governor on two occasions.
· President and Director of Star Valley State Bank 1930-1956.
· Lincoln County Commissioner 1940 - 1949.

Annie Rebecca Seward Kennington, 1841 - 1916

Born in England on August 22, 1841, Annie was the only child of George and Esther Seward. Her widowed mother worked as a governess, leaving Annie in the care of wealthy aunts who taught her music, and gave her fourteen years of formal education. Annie and her mother were taught by American missionaries, and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, soon after embarking on a voyage across the Atlantic. Annie met William Henry Kennington on her trek to the Salt Lake Valley, and they were married in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on April 1, 1865. The young couple made their first home in Tooele, Utah, where the first three of eight children were born. Soon after, they moved to Liberty, Idaho, and then to Afton, Wyoming. Annie took her stewardship for her own family, as well as for the children and women of Star Valley, very seriously.

· One of Afton's first school teachers.
· The first Primary President in the Star Valley Wyoming LDS Stake.
· Counselor to Alice J. Call in Star Valley Stake Relief Society Presidency.
· Homemade remedies, bread, yeast, shoes, soap, candles, shirts, pants and dresses, often by firelight, were only a few of her pioneer products.
· A bright, cheerful, courageous pioneer woman who “went about doing good.”

Osborne Low, 1865 - 1956

Osborne was born in Ovid, Idaho, to Scottish immigrants. He grew up on a small farm, and attended schools in Smithfield, Utah. His
first job was working in Montana building railroad. He then came to Star Valley in 1890 at the age of twenty-five at the invitation of his father, and established a ranching and cattle business.

· Ordained as Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1893 and served for twenty-five years. He also served in many other capacities in the church.
· Helped in building the Afton Tabernacle.
· In 1917 he purchased a load of registered Holstein cattle from Davenport, Iowa, which helped improve the valley dairy business.
· Helped in incorporating the Town of Afton.
· Served as Mayor of Afton for four years.
· Helped in bringing electric lights to Afton.
· Served two terms in the Wyoming State Legislature.
· Served as Committee Chairman for the first telephone line from Montpelier, Idaho to Afton.
· He was Owner and Manager of O. Low Telephone Company.
· He was a champion wrestler, very athletic, and loved good horses.

Dr. George Washington West, 1882 - 1956

· Education: Barnes School of Medicine affiliated with Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.
· Heard “the Star of all Valleys” was in need of a doctor, so in early 1904 he started his forty-three year long practice in Star Valley.
· Operated on kitchen tables removing appendixes and tonsils.
· Helped through the Spanish flu in 1918 and 1919, smallpox epidemic in the early 1920's, among many other illnesses.
· Delivered over 4,000 babies.
· Served on School Board, Farm Bureau, Star Valley State Bank Board of Directors, Lincoln County Fair Board, in the Lincoln County Health Offices, and as Afton City Judge.

Emery Milton (Mit) Barrus, 1889 - 1958

Mit was born on June 8, 1889, to Emery and Martha Ann Tolman Barrus. His early years were spent helping on the homestead in Fairview, and at the age of 18, he served a mission in the North Central States. He later graduated from BYC in Logan, Utah. Mit was a schoolteacher in Etna from 1915-1916, and owned and operated a hardware store in Afton during the mid 1920's. He later had an auto dealership and garage. Mit married Roene Udine Roberts in the Salt Lake temple in 1916; they had five children: Foster, Leah Martha, Roscoe, Lester D., and Emerson.

· Raised silver fox, mink, beaver and chinchilla on his fur farm. Developed a fur grading system that was used nation-wide. Was elected the first president of the National Chinchilla Association.
· Served as Mayor of Afton for five terms, during which improvements were made to the water system out of Swift Creek and to the Afton Septic System. He also helped bring about a new highway through the Snake River Canyon.
· Served three terms as a State Legislator.
· Served as President of the Chamber of Commerce.
· Served as a Member of the School Board.
· Served as a Member of a state appointed Snake River Watershed Commission.
· In the 1930's Mit negotiated a contract to rebuild and gravel the highway in the Narrows.
· Was involved in many wild horse roundups where hundreds of wild horses were driven into Star Valley. Horses were an economic blessing to the local ranchers.
· Organized a winter carnival called “The Top of the Rockies Winter Carnival,” which brought famous ski jumping champions and other
professionals to Star Valley.
· Loved drama, both as an actor and as a director, and wrote many articles as well as stories of early Star Valley life. He loved music and composed lyrics and music to several songs for which he held copyrights.
· Was very generous with his means, especially to those in need during the great depression.

Martha Ann (Mattie) Tolman Barrus, “Pioneer Teacher”, 1867 - 1919

Mattie was born in Rush Valley, a remote settlement near Tooele, Utah. She did not receive a formal education, but was taught at
home and through her own industry. At the age of fourteen, she entered Brigham Young Academy in Provo, Utah, where she received her teaching certificate. At the age of twenty-one Mattie and her husband, Emery Barrus, came to Star Valley where they spent the rest of their lives in Fairview. Together they had six sons and two daughters.

· School teacher for sixteen years; her students ranged from ages six to sixteen; she received a salary of $50.00 per month.
· Was involved in the establishment of the first High School in 1916, as she could see the need for higher education in the valley.
· The first female member of the School Board.
· Red Cross Chairman during World War I.
· Served as L.D.S. Stake Primary President for sixteen years.
· Served on the L.D.S. Stake Relief Society Board.
· Helped set up the first school lunch program.
· Arranged a transportation system called the “High School Trolley” from Fairview to Afton.

William Henry Kennington, Sr., 1842 - 1914

William Henry Kennington Sr. was born August 7, 1842, in England to Richard and Mary Davison Kennington. He received his education in the schools of England, and in 1856 he and his family came to America as converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and settled in Tooele, Utah. Later William drove an oxen team back to Council Bluffs, Iowa, to meet the next emigrant train. There he met Annie Rebecca Seward and her mother; he fell for Annie, and they were married on April 1, 1865; together they had eight children. In 1870 William and Annie moved to Liberty, Idaho, where they both taught school.

William later married Elizabeth Ann Lee Bracken and became a polygamist; they had seven children together. William had to keep away from the United States Marshals, so he moved Elizabeth to Star Valley. They lived on the south side of Swift Creek in a log cabin. William later moved Annie's family to Star Valley. The family ran a dairy in Glenn, Idaho, for a year, milked cows, and made butter and cheese to sell.

· Served on a three-man committee to incorporate the Town of Afton.
· Served two terms as Mayor of Afton in 1908 and 1909.
· Served as Clerk of the Star Valley Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for over twenty years.
· Served as Clerk for the Town of Afton.
· Served as United States Land Commissioner and Water Commissioner.
· Homesteaded a large piece of land in Afton, a portion of which was the former fairgrounds. He sold part of his land for the Afton Cemetery.

Godfrey Arthur (G. A.) Newswander, 1888 - 1984

Born in Paris, Idaho, and raised in Bedford, Wyoming. He worked on the family farm and attended local schools until age seventeen when he enrolled at Fielding Academy in Paris, Idaho. On June 8, 1911, G.A. married his sweetheart, Nora Heap. Together they raised four children: Elmo, Della, and twins, Jean and Jessie. He was an astute businessman, and ran his own varied businesses. He served as postmaster, school board trustee, a water commissioner, and was a shareholder, director, and officer of the bank in Freedom and subsequently the bank in Afton.

· Postmaster and owner of “G.A. Newswander General Merchandise” (1922-1939).
· Original shareholder in the Freedom State Bank in 1914. Became a director in 1922.
· When the Freedom State Bank and the Afton State Bank were merged in 1927, he remained as a shareholder, director, and officer for 53 years.
· Served as Savings Bond Chairman for Star Valley during World War II helping raise thousands of dollars through bond sales.
· Served on a committee to construct the Veterans Memorial Building in Afton.
· Established a successful loan business from his home, helping many valley residents.
· Elected to the Afton Town Council in May 1941, serving two terms.
· Elected Mayor of Afton in 1951 and again in 1953. Accomplishments during his term of service included the water system from the intermittent spring, fire hydrants, oiled roads, and street signs.

Erastus Francis Winters, 1907 - 1984

Erastus Francis Winters was born January 10, 1907, to Niels Erastus and Esther Leona Winters in Otto, Wyoming, Big Horn Basin, the oldest of eight children. His boyhood days were spent helping on the farm raising sheep, fruit, vegetable row crops and caring for honeybees. He graduated from the University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture, 1931, with the highest average grade of any student in its history to that date. He married Margaret Burton from Afton, Wyoming, June 10, 1932, in Logan, Utah. They had ten children. He taught vocational agriculture in Lyman, Wyoming, was employed by the Farm Security Program, arranging loans from the federal government for farmers, in Pinedale, Wyoming, then accepted an offer in Afton as the Lincoln County Agricultural Agent. Star Valley at this time was primarily an agricultural area.

· As County Agent, worked with and advised farmers and ranchers; involved in Farm Bureau, Wool Growers Association, Soil Conservation, Water Conservation, Weed and Pest Control; organized Lincoln County Fair; supervised 4-H Program, his demonstration teams competing nationally.
· President of Wyoming State County Agents.
· Bishop Afton North Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, August 1944 - 1947.
· LDS Stake President, 1947 - 1970, serving twenty-two and a half years as spiritual leader of predominantly LDS community.
· Accountant at Star Valley Swiss Cheese Company and insurance agent.
· Chairman over twenty-two years of Star Valley LDS Hospital, forerunner of present facility, instrumental in maintaining the hospital during difficult financial times.
· District Boy Scout Commissioner, District Chairman of Tendoy Council, President of Tendoy Council, recipient of Silver Beaver Award.
· Musician, blessed with a beautiful singing voice, a talent shared freely in hundreds of community productions, funerals and religious gatherings.
· Last few years of his life continued to serve his LDS home community as Counselor in the Idaho Falls Temple Presidency, performing many marriages and other ordinances.
· Outstanding citizen, patriot, community leader. Humble, spiritual, loving and considerate, without guile.

G.W. (Con) Yeaman, 1881 - 1957

Con was born in Huntsville, Utah, on February 22, 1881. At the age of six he moved to Star Valley with his family; they lived in the first home in Afton to be built out of lumber. In 1901 he worked on the range herding sheep, and at the age of twenty-two he was called to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the Northern States. Upon returning from his mission he worked for the Consolidated Wagon and Machinery Company, and also as a Forest Ranger. In 1907, Con married Mary Roberts and together they had seven children.

· Served as President of the Star Valley Chamber of Commerce.
· Served as Lincoln County Fair President.
· Served as President of the Afton Businessmen Association.
· Served as Vice County Chairman of the Republican Party.
· Was Sergeant of Arms at the 27th Session of the Wyoming Legislature.
· Served as Afton Town Councilman and served four terms as Mayor of Afton. During his tenure as Mayor water was piped to the Afton Cemetery and the Fair Grounds, the Afton Library building was erected, the first fire fighting equipment was purchased, road and sidewalk snow removal equipment was purchased, cement sidewalks were installed, road improvements were made, new vapor street lighting was installed, and a five-acre sewage disposal pool was constructed.

Lee R. Call, 1918 - 2004

Lee R. Call was a humble and dedicated man who made many contributions to the Town of Afton.

· Mayor of Afton in 1972. Served as President of both the Star Valley and Afton Chambers of Commerce.
· Publisher and editor of the Star Valley Independent. President of the Wyoming Press Association.
· Air Force pilot during World War II, and served with the intelligence service during the Korean conflict.
· President of the Afton Lions Club. Organized the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 4797. President and Director of the Star Valley Development Association.
· Represented Lincoln County for Wyoming's 75th Anniversary Commission. Appointed by Governor Hathaway as a member of the Wyoming Bicentennial Commission which represented Wyoming at the U.S. Bicentennial festivities in Washington D.C.
· Local and Regional Advisory Board Member of Western Wyoming Mental Health Center, also serving as President and Vice-president.
· Awarded both “Man of the Year” in 1978 by the Afton Chamber of Commerce and the “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2004 by the Star Valley Historical Society. Edited and compiled the historical book, Star Valley and its Communities (1970) and wrote Reflections of the 20th Century in Star Valley, Wyoming (2000).

Reuel T. Call, 1908 - 2002

Born in 1908 in Afton, Wyoming, to Thomas John Call and Ethel Grace Papworth, Reuel loved his beautiful mountain valley for ninety-four years. While still in school he started work on his dreams of making Afton the center of economic successes.

· 1928 - Opened one of the first retail gasoline outlets in Afton.
· 1930 - Learned to fly, and began promoting aviation in Afton.
· Late 1930's - Had retail gasoline outlets in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.
· 1939 - Began designing an airplane that would fly well in high mountain locations.
· 1945 - Licensed and began production of the Callair aircraft.
· 1950 - Led local Lions Club and businessmen to begin construction on a modern airport. He and Ben Nield donated the real estate.
· 1960's - Built two refineries, in Utah and New Mexico.
· Pioneered self-service gasoline and convenience stores and expanded his locations in the 1970's.
· At age 90, had 132 stores in seven Western states, all operated from Afton, Wyoming.
· As of 2010, his grandsons manage more than 200 convenience stores and all supporting operations.

Francis Doyle Child, 1920 - 1996

Born in Fairview, Wyoming, Doyle grew to become one of the most loyal supporters of Afton, Star Valley and the State of Wyoming. He was an active businessman, entrepreneur, developer and administrator.

· World War II veteran (1941 - 1945).
· Founded and operated an insurance agency (1945 - 1973) and real estate brokerage (1945 - 1981).
· Mayor of Afton for two terms (1956 - 1960).
· President of Lions Club (1947) and Chamber of Commerce (1950).
· Chairman of local hospital board with key role in raising funds for a new hospital (1970 - 1978).
· Served two terms on the Wyoming Judicial Nominating Commission (1974 - 1978).
· Recipient of Distinguished Service Award by the Casper Kiwanis Club (1969).
· Founding partner and later sole owner of Aerotek, Inc., manufacturer of Pitts Aerobatic Airplane (1971 - 1982).
· Formed Hoback Ranches, Inc., developed and sold over 10,000 acres in Sublette, Uinta and Lincoln Counties (1970 - 1996).
· Served in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as Bishop, Stake President, Mission President and Patriarch (1960 - 1996).

Alda Fugal Gardner, 1904 - 1985

Born in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Alda came to Afton with her husband Milford Gardner in 1929. She was the mother of six children, and
dedicated her life to serving others. She is most often remembered for her work with the youth of Star Valley as an exemplary teacher in the Star Valley Stake Seminary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Afton.

· Teacher in the Star Valley Stake Seminary in Afton 28 years, 10 years as principal.
· Leader of youth in dance, speech and drama, and 5 years as president of the Stake YWMIA, 1929-48.
· Sunday school teacher, 42 years.
· Chairman of Afton First Ward booth, Lincoln County Fair.
· Member, Community Library Committee, Literary Club, Red Cross Committee, Home Beautification Committee.
· Published author and poet, in demand as a speaker and reader.
· Graduate of Brigham Young University with high honors, member of Phi Kappa Phi National Honorary Society, 1952.
· Missionary with her husband, Cumorah New York Mission, 1964-1966.

Carl Robinson, 1895 - 1986

Carl Robinson, prominent banker and businessman, was born in Richmond, Utah. At the age of eight, his family moved to Freedom,
Wyoming, where they ranched and milked cows. In 1931 Carl moved his family from Freedom to Afton to become cashier and managing officer of the Star Valley State Bank. Carl was a family man first, and his contributions to his church, community, and state

· Missionary in the California Mission. Bishop of Freedom Ward for thirteen years. First Counselor of the Star Valley Stake Presidency for seven years.
· President and managing officer of Star Valley State Bank for over forty years.
· President and Vice President of the Wyoming Bankers Association.
· Afton Lions Club President and charter member, and Star Valley Chamber of Commerce President.
· One of original organizers of the Star Valley Swiss Cheese Company, and officer and director for over thirty years.
· Boy Scouts of America Tendoy Council President and Vice President, received scouting's “Silver Beaver Award” for outstanding service.
· Served four terms in the Wyoming House of Representatives, and elected Speaker of the House. Served two terms as a Wyoming State Senator.
· Wyoming State Auditor.

Charles Drake Cazier, 1837 - 1915

Charles Drake Cazier was born in Kentucky in 1837, and came across the plains in 1851 with the early Mormon pioneers, settling
first in Utah. He married Harriet Gates in 1858, and they had twelve children. Charles was assigned by Church authorities in 1880 to settle in Star Valley, becoming one of the first nine householders to live in the area. He was an exemplary Church and community leader.

· Called as Star Valley's Presiding Elder, 1881 - 1887.
· Afton's first Postmaster.
· Surveyed a town site at the foot of the east mountains (Afton).
· Afton's first Bishop, 1887 - 1894.
· President of High Priest Quorum in the Star Valley Stake.
· Star Valley's first Stake Patriarch, 1894 - 1915.
· Elected to the State Senate, 1894 - 1898.

Morris James Hale, 1878 - 1943

Morris J. Hale was born in Grantsville, Utah, in 1878. He came to Afton in 1886. Morris spent his life serving Afton and his Church.
While he was Mayor in 1912, he initiated building Afton's first water system, and in 1931 updated it using spring water directly from
Swift Creek Canyon for Town water for the first time. He loved working with youth, and was devoted to helping them become honorable citizens. He was a businessman, a farmer and a dedicated family man. He and Lois raised a large, righteous family.

· Afton Marshal: 1903 - 1905
· Afton Town Councilman: 1907 - 1911
· Afton Mayor for six terms: 1911, 1912, 1918, 1919, 1930, 1931
· LDS Mission to Northern States: 1915 - 1917
· Star Valley Stake Mission President: 1927
· Director of Star Valley Creamery: 1932 - 1943
· Owner Afton Harness Shop: 1918 - 1943
· Star Valley Stake and Ward Young Men's Superintendent
· Boy Scouts of America Scout Master

Kerstina Neilson Harrison Olson, 1858 - 1914

Born in Sweden on May 27, 1858, Kerstina came to America at the age of eighteen, traveling by wagon train to Salt Lake City.

· Called with her husband by LDS President Wilford Woodruff to help settle the Afton area (1890).
· Called and set apart by Apostle Joseph F. Smith to be a midwife and to attend to the sick (1890).
· Served as Relief Society president for twelve years.
· Mother of thirteen children, three of whom died at birth.

She came with quiet dignity and grace,
A stranger in our midst, but stayed not so,
For soon she found a work and came to know,
A host of people, who saw in her face,
True love and service for the human race…

When'er the call to duty for her came,
She answered promptly, "Here" and faltered not,
But hastened to comply, and ever sought to brighten
And lend sunshine to life's game.
So let us follow in her footsteps,
And when our call comes let us answer "Here."

George Osmond, 1836 - 1913

George Osmond was born in London, England in 1836. He came to America in 1855, where he and his family joined the pioneers and
crossed the plains. In 1892 he moved from Bloomington, Idaho, to Afton, Wyoming, to become the first Stake President of the Star
Valley Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He reared seventeen children, and took part in civic life.

· Served as Justice of the Peace.
· Schoolteacher throughout much of his adult life.
· Probate Judge.
· Surveyor.
· Served two LDS missions to his homeland in 1884 - 1886 and 1890 - 1892.
· Helped plan and develop many civic and business projects including the Star Valley Stake Tabernacle, the Crow Creek Road and the Afton Creamery.
· Served two terms as State Senator in the Wyoming State Legislature, 1889 - 1901.

Elno Foss Draney, 1911 - 1993

Elno, a native son of Star Valley, was a determined visionary, inspirational leader and exemplary man.

· General manager of Lower Valley Power and Light 33 years (1943 - 1976).
· Merged Jackson Hole Electric Association into LVP&L, and obtained funds from the Rural Electrification Administration to acquire Star Valley Power and Light Company.
· Developed contractual relationship with the Bonneville Power Administration to provide low-cost electricity to LVP&L Company and its patrons.
· Influential board member of the Snake River Power, Northwest Public Power and National Rural Electric Cooperative Associations.
· Mayor of Afton, and member of Afton Town Council.
· Chairman of the board of Star Valley Hospital.
· President of the Star Valley Chamber of Commerce.
· President of District 19 School Board.
· President, zone chairman, and deputy district governor of Afton Lions Club.
· Recipient of Distinguished Community Service Award of Kiwanis Clubs of Wyoming.
· Active member and leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Archibald Gardner, 1814-1902

Archibald Gardner was an 1847 Utah pioneer and colonizer. He was born in Kilsythe, Scotland, and as a child immigrated to Canada with his father's family. After joining the LDS church, they met the pioneers at Winter Quarters, and arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on October 1, 1847. After building countless mills, irrigation canals, bridges and other projects to serve pioneer purposes in the Utah Territory, he came to Afton in 1889 at the age of 75 and built a flour mill and sawmill in the mouth of Swift Creek Canyon.

The great motivating forces in his life were his sustaining faith, deep concern for the needs of his fellow men, and his pride and love for his numerous family. Archibald served as the bishop of the West Jordan Ward for 32 years and was also a stake patriarch.

In 1902, upon receiving word of Archibald's death, George Osmond, Stake President, stated in stake conference, “No person who had ever entered Star Valley had done so much to assist its people or to build up the country.”

Ben Nield, 1880 - 1979

In 1889, at the age of 9, Ben came to Star Valley with his parents, John and Jane Parker Nield and family. At the age of 16, Ben
helped his family with the daily U.S. Mail contract between Star Valley and Montpelier, Idaho. He served a mission to the Eastern
States one month after his marriage to Ada Luanna Allred. Ben helped pioneer and homestead the cattle business with his father
and brothers, and later with his two sons, Ross and Rollo. He passed away at the age of 99 in a community he loved, having been
part of 90 years of growth and change.

· Homesteaded and ran a successful Hereford Ranch.
· Served in several Afton LDS Ward Bishoprics.
· Served as Mayor of Afton and on the Afton Town Council.
· Served 3 terms as a Lincoln County Commissioner.
· Board President of the Federal Land Bank; was serving in this capacity for the 40th Anniversary of the Federal Land Bank.

Barlow Hale Call, 1920 - 1968

A native of Bancroft, Idaho, Barlow was the son of Willard and Louie Ann Hale Call. He learned to fly at University of Idaho. When World War II started, Barlow became an army Flight Instructor for the Naval Aviation Cadets.
After the war, Barlow moved to Afton and began working and flying for CallAir Aircraft, where he was test pilot, and later Manager and President.
Barlow taught many in Star Valley to fly. He started Star Valley Aeromotive for General Aviation Services, and flew for the Predatory Animal Board.
With CallAir aircraft skis, he flew to measure the depth and water content of the snow for Soil and Conservation Service.
Barlow served in many different callings in the LDS church: Scout Master, Teacher, Ward Clerk, Stake Clerk, and Counselor in the Bishopric.
Following a mid-air collision while herding wild horses with aircraft, Barlow passed away on September 16, 1968.

Ted Child Frome, 1930 - 2007

Born in Fairview and living nearly all of his life in Afton, Wyoming, Ted was a
generous contributor to and avid advocate for Afton and Star Valley. He was
an outfitter, lawyer, legislator, rancher, father and grandfather.

• Graduate of University of Wyoming and University of Utah College of Law.
• Korean War Veteran.
• Founder and operator of the largest outfitting business in the United States.
• Rancher.
• Fifty-year Afton lawyer.
• A founding partner of Aerotek, Inc.
• Three-term member of the Wyoming Legislature, and sponsor of the Wyoming Right to Work Law.
• Key community participant in planning, and major contributor to the new Star Valley Hospital.
• Father, Grandfather and Architect of the Box Y Ranch as a family legacy.

William Lester Bagley, 1891 - 1978

• Board Member Lincoln Co. School District #19 (1927 – 1938)
• Instrumental in organizing the Star Valley Chamber of Commerce (1928)
• Game Warden, Western Wyoming (1923 – 1938)
• Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioner (1938 – 1955)
• President of Western States Association of Game and Fish Commissioners (1942 – 1943 and again 1954 – 1955)
• President of the International Association of Game, Fish and Conservation Commissioners (1947)
• Assistant Director U.S. Game, Fish and Wildlife Services, Washington DC (1955 – 1957)

C. S. Wray, 1895 - 1972

C.S. Wray was born March 27, 1895, in Hyrum, UT, to James Wray and Louisa Jensen Wray. He was the ninth child in a family of thirteen. Afton became his permanent residence in 1932 when he was appointed manager of the newly formed Star Valley Creamery Co. “Mr. Wray was a leading figure in establishing Star Valley as a leading dairy center in the state and nation.” He was a man of influence and prominence in his community and gave freely of his leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

• Manager of Star Valley Creamery Company for 28 years, 1932 - 1959.
• Built Wray Theater 1935 and owned by Wray family until 1973.
• Owner of Wray Chevrolet-Buick Dealership 1938 – 1958.
• President of the Star Valley Chamber of Commerce for five years.
• Chairman of the SV Chamber's Road Commission.
• President of the Afton Town Council for fourteen years.
• Chairman of the Lincoln County Fair Board for five years.
• President of the Lion's Club.
• Finance chairman of the Boy Scouts of America in Star Valley.
• Vice Chairman of the United States Bond Drive.

Maud Razenburg, 1900 - 1986

Susan Maud Kennington Ranzenberg was born July 19, 1900, the first of Alonzo Richard and Ida Dixon Kennington's fourteen children. Maud married Charles Ranzenberg on June 30, 1920 in the Logan Utah LDS Temple. They raised three daughters, Velda, Geraldine, Ida Lynn, one son, Leo Kay, and helped raise a niece Norda Beth Smith. Maud had many hobbies including: raising large gardens (vegetables and flowers), playing the piano, crocheting, sewing, knitting, scrap books, journaling, embroidery, stamp collecting, photography, traveling, and prompting plays. Maud was always active in the LDS church, serving in numerous ward and stake positions. She lived by her motto “Do It Now”.

• Her fond love of learning led to 25 years of teaching school. She taught in Bedford, Merna, Fairview and Afton.
• Worked as the Afton Branch Librarian. When books about Star Valley were written, she helped research information for them.
• Worked with the Star Valley Chapter Red Cross.
• Member of the Delta Kappa Gamma Honorary Teachers Society.
• Was news correspondent for the Star Valley Independent.

Thomas F. Burton, 1871 - 1963

Born in Ogden, Utah, to William Walton Burton and Sarah Ann Fielding. Moved to Star Valley, Wyoming, in 1886, and helped settle the valley with his father.

• Organized the first high school in Star Valley. Served as Superintendent for five years. Signed the first graduation diplomas in 1915.
• Appointed as supervisor, bookkeeper and assistant postmaster for the first mercantile store and first creamery built in the valley by his father.
• He and his wife Alice Maud Call were parents of thirteen children.
• Helped build many of the first roads and bridges in Star Valley.
• Helped buy the first organ for the tabernacle, and served as organist for 25 years.
• Served in many callings in the LDS church.
• Organized the first brass band that performed around the valley and played the tuba.
• Started the first drama club. Acted in, made scenery and costumes with the help of his wife for many of the plays.

Hyrum Don Carlos Clark, 1856 - 1938

Hyrum Don Carlos Clark, born in Farmington, Utah, moved his wife, Eliza Porter, two sons, two daughters, a small herd of cattle and two wagons to Auburn to become a cattle rancher. They moved into a small log cabin in May 1880 on a squatter's claim of 160 acres. Gradually buying more land and more cattle, he eventually had the largest single ranch in Star Valley.
He became a leader in Star Valley and a great friend to Indians, who would make annual treks to Snake River Country. After pulling an achy tooth for Chief Washakie, Washakie proclaimed him “White Chief.”

• Served as first Uinta County Commissioner for two terms
• Served as first Uinta County School Trustee
• Was Uinta County School District President
• Resolved many cattle and sheep disputes
• Was 1904 Grand Marshall at July 24th Pioneer Celebration
• Was Chairman of Finance Committee and major contributor to the Star Valley Tabernacle
• Served three LDS Church Missions
• Served on Stake High Council
• Served as Sunday School Superintendent for fourteen years
• Was known for service, faith, integrity, love of God and family

Violet Ruth Lancaster Hyde, 1913 - 1996

Ruth was born in Smoot, Wyoming, on October 22, 1913, to Willard and Janette Lancaster, and was a lifetime resident of Star Valley. Ruth is an example of turning our weaknesses into our greatest strengths. After moving to the Sulpher Springs in Auburn with her husband Keith Hyde, she turned her extreme fear of the water into one of her greatest strengths. From this scary beginning she made up her mind to overcome her fear, and learned to swim and started to teach lessons. She is credited in teaching over 8,000 students from the valley to swim, making her students' lives much safer and more enjoyable.

• She loved to run and was an accomplished runner, winning several meets at the schools in the Valley.
• Graduated from Star Valley High School, and married Keith Deloss Hyde of Auburn in 1933; they had six children.
• Was dedicated to her LDS religion, and loved to teach classes on Sundays to the members of her Auburn Ward.
• Ruth loved to teach and taught classes in genealogy, painting, swimming, history of Star Valley and personal history for the Western Wyoming College and organized classes in the Valley.

Walter Kenneth Olsen, 1903 - 1983

Walter Kenneth Olsen was born March 28, 1903, to John Thomas and Maryette LaVern Edwards Olsen in Emery, UT, the fourth child in a family of seven boys and three girls. Ken came to Star Valley in 1930 and spent several years working for the U.S. Forest Service. During this time he met and married Carol Call. They had two sons, Kenneth and Michael, each born on June 18th, two years apart.

• Was instrumental in organizing the Afton Business Association and served as President for two years.
• Helped organize the Star Valley Development Association and was instrumental in bringing the Star Studs Sawmill to Afton.
• Served as President of the Afton Chamber of Commerce, during this time he initiated the idea of the Elk Horn Arch. He spent many hours with the Boy Scouts gathering elk horns on the Jackson and Star Valley feed grounds and wiring them together.
• Was appointed to the Wyoming Travel Commission in 1964 by Governor Clifford Hansen and served for four years.
• Served as President of the Lions Club, on the Board of Directors, Zone Chairman and District Governor for 1967-1968. He was Chairman for the Wyoming State Convention held in Afton in 1963.
• Was elected Mayor of Afton in 1968.

Ken was very patriotic, civic minded and he loved his community. During most of the time he served the public, he also owned and operated Ken's Furniture and Appliance Store. He was well known for his honesty and of his support of other local businesses.

Carwin Linford, 1919 - 2003

Carwin Hess Linford was born March 2, 1919 to Joseph and Addie Linford on the Linford ranch 2 ½ miles west of Afton. He graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1941 with a BA in English. He married Phillis Martin June 18, 1941. He began his educational career in Grover as a teaching principal in 1941. He taught English and speech at SVHS and was the first high school counselor in the high school. He was appointed assistant superintendent in 1955 and superintendent in 1957. He served in this position until his retirement in 1977. He died May 31, 2003.

• Teacher 1941-55
• Superintendent School District #19 and Lincoln County School District #2 1955-77
• US. Navy 1944-46
• Wyoming State Legislature 1954-60
• President of the Wyoming Education Association
• Member of the State Board of Education 1981-87
• President of the Wyoming School Administrators Association
• Member of Afton town council 1952-1954
• Afton Municipal Judge 1978-1994

Harry Bruce 1918 - 2012

Harry Bruce was born in Almy, Wyoming, and was a lifelong Wyoming resident. He lived his life working hard and in service to others. An early supporter of wrestling at Star Valley high School, he also supported the Sheriff's Office and Highway Patrol. As an Afton businessman he had a reputation for honesty and integrity, and was recognized by Governor Dave Freudenthal for a lifetime of community service.

• Organizer and Charter Member of the Star Valley Search and Rescue; remained an member for over 30 years
• Member, Upper Valley Fire District
• Member, Farm Bureau
• Member, Afton Lions Club for 10 years
• Member, Afton Hospital Board for 14 years
• Member, Afton School Board for 6 years
• President of the Star Valley Wildlife Federation and member of the Wildlife Club
• Lincoln County Commissioner for 15 years
• Served on the Governor's Crime Committee

O. D. Perkes, 1929 - 2012

Dr. O.D. Perkes, M.D. was the longest serving doctor in the history of Star Valley. Born in Hyde Park, Utah, October 19, 1929, he moved to Star Valley in June 1956. He continued his practice as a General Practitioner until 10 days before his death on March 30, 2012.

• Practiced medicine in Star Valley for over 55 years
• The last of the old-time country doctors who 'did it all,' including house calls, surgeries, delivering babies, emergency room, and regular office hours
• A remarkable memory for patients' names, dates, histories, and family relations
• Known throughout the intermountain medical community for his keen diagnostic skills
• Owner of Perkes Hereford Ranch
• Served as Mayor of Afton and on other community boards, and was instrumental in bringing the saw mill to Afton
• A noted expert of LDS church history and active church member
• Intellectually brilliant, straight-forward, compassionate, and determined, he could find common ground with every person he met

Floyd B. Hunsaker, 1915 - 2000

Floyd B. Hunsaker, a stern but fair father, brother, and son, was a man of service to veterans, citizens of the community, and the state of Wyoming.

• He was a true patriot.
• Served in World War II in the Army in Europe.
• Assisted veterans throughout Wyoming.
• Made sure veterans were honored at their funerals and on Memorial Day.
• Designed, supported, and maintained Afton Veterans Memorial Monument.
• He served the Afton/Star Valley community in many capacities:
• Afton Municipal Judge for 10 years.
• Officer in the Star Valley Chamber of Commerce.
• Co-chair of the Wyoming Bicentennial commission.
• Helped form the local chapter of the Farm Bureau.
• Manager of the local American Red Cross.
• Professionally, he helped many with taxes and bookkeeping.
• He married Zella D Hepworth, and they had six daughters.
• He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and willingly served up into his 80s.

Lettie Campbell, 1875 - 1955

Lettie Ann Dewey Campbell was born July 28, 1875, to John C. and Mary Allen Dewey in Deweyville, Utah. She attended college in Logan and Ogden, Utah. After earning her teaching certificate, she taught school in Osmond, Wyoming.

She married Chester Frederick Campbell in 1898, and they were immediately called to serve a mission to Great Britain. Lettie was a devoted mother of eight children. She was musically inclined, taught piano lessons, had a beautiful singing voice, and organized the Fairview Singing Mothers Choir.

Lettie served on the Fairview School Board, was postmaster in Fairview from 1915 - 1919, and served in the Wyoming House of Representatives from Lincoln County in 1931 - 1933, where she championed women's causes. She was an ardent Farm Bureau member and helped in the advancement of the State Extension Program.

Lettie died September 25, 1955, in Afton, Wyoming.

Charles A. Johnson, 1864 - 1936

“… [L]ong may he live … is the prayer of scores whom he has helped or even saved from ruin.”
—Kemmerer Gazette 1932

• Born in Sweden: At age eleven, he provided for his mother and five siblings at his father's death; joined the LDS Church.
• 1884: Utah steel smelter worker; married Anna Olson; had twelve children.
• 1891: Settled in Afton, Wyoming, on 200 acres, presently Star Valley View Golf Course.
• Benefactor: Visualized a thriving Star Valley where many would come, persevere and prosper; donated his time, hay, grain, and even money; freighter; promoted and championed school buses; charter member and major shareholder of first bank—Afton State Bank.
• 1921: Served as Lincoln County Commissioner for twelve years. During his tenure, took Lincoln County from $200,000 in debt to $31,000 surplus; built and furnished new courthouse; built roads; brought first road grader piece by piece to Star Valley.

Delaine Roberts, 1933 - 2016

• He loved his country
• He served in the U.S. Army
• A member of the 4th Army Rifle Team
• Earned the U.S. Army Distinguished Marksman Award

• Delaine loved and served the people of Afton/Star Valley and Wyoming in the following capacities:
• Wyoming Highway Patrolman
• Lincoln County Sheriff
• U.S. Marshal – District of Wyoming
• Wyoming State Senator District #16
• Seasonal Wyoming Game and Fish Warden
• Chairman of the Lincoln County School Board District #1 and #19
• Afton Lions Club
• Star Valley Hospital Foundation Board
• Civil Defense Coordinator
• Instrumental in starting the first Communication Center and Ambulance Service in Afton

Delaine was a man of integrity and outstanding character. He married Nelda R. Smith, and they have five children. He was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

E. Herbert Andersen, 1927 - 2018

E. Herbert (Herb) Andersen was born October 29th, 1927 in Sacramento, California. Following high school, he attended Sacramento Junior College. With his unique aircraft engineering and management skills, he left an indelible impression on the economics of Star Valley. His professional awards include the FAA Charles Taylor “Master Mechanic” award in 1997, and he was a 2002 inductee into the Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame. He died February 7, 2018.

• Came to Afton in 1953 as an aircraft mechanic working for Reuel Call (CallAir)
• Married Laura LaDee Meldrum and had three daughters
• Modified CallAir A passenger plane into A-5 ag plane
• Vice President of Mooney Aircraft (Mk 20)
• Production manager for Piper Cherokee
• Designed and produced IMCO CallAir A-9 and B-1
• General Manager and Vice President for Aero Commander
• Polaris Homelite snowmobiles assembled in Afton
• Pitts Special and Christen Eagle aerobatic aircraft
• Husky utility aircraft project manager
• CallAir Museum manager

Herbert Schwab, 1874 - 1955

Herbert August Schwab was born August 18, 1874 in Freudenstadt, Germany to Johann Martin and Pauline Schwab. His father was an officer in the Prussian Army. He came to Utah with his family in 1888 and to Star Valley in 1889, settling in Smoot. He spent his young adult years helping on the family farm before starting his own business ventures.

On April 3, 1900 he married Frances Sarah Crook. She died of pneumonia in May 1921, leaving Herbert with a young family of eight children. In June of 1934 he married Hermoine Kingston and had one son. He died January 3, 1955.

• Built and operated five sawmills beginning in 1906
• Supplied lumber for many homes and buildings in Smoot and Afton
• Founded Schwab Mortuary in Afton in 1925
• Built a resort and dance pavilion at Cottonwood Lake in 1926
• Skilled blacksmith and carpenter
• Influential Afton businessman and entrepreneur

Parley Pratt Baldwin, 1880 - 1952

Parley Pratt Baldwin, who was known throughout Star Valley in his business dealings as P.P. Baldwin, moved to Star Valley in 1905 and was employed as a school teacher in Smoot.
Parley was involved in a number of business enterprises during the 47 years he resided in Star Valley. Major activities included: founding the Freedom State Bank in 1916, a brief stint in the livestock industry, offices established for insurance, real estate and legal affairs, and development of gold mines in the area. In later life he served as an insurance inspector for the State of Wyoming.

Mr. Baldwin was active in numerous civic and community affairs including: The Star Valley Commercial Club, the Lincoln County Fair Board, Democratic Chairman for Northern Lincoln County and served as a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives.

He was a dedicated husband to his wife Stella and father of fourteen children. An active, lifelong member of the LDS Church, his talents as a speaker were used on many occasions as well as at civic events.

B. Delos Gardner, 1905-1990

On January 13, 1905, Delos was born to Brigham and Maria Gardner. In 1921, he graduated from high school when he was sixteen years old. In 1925, at the age 20, Delos graduated from Star Valley Normal Training School and taught school in Grover (and for most of the time he was the principal) until 1940.

On January 6, 1928, Delos married the love of his life, Camera Lorean Hepworth. They had eight children.
Delos returned to teaching in the early 1950s and received his Master of Science Degree in School Administration from Utah State University. He served as the principal of the Star Valley High School from 1956 until 1966. Delos served as bishop of the Grover Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1936 until 1945, and as the first counselor in the Star Valley Stake Presidency from 1947 until 1966.

Delos and Lorean served as missionaries in the Southern Australian Mission. They had eight children: Delworth, Nola Jean, Vivian, LaNiel, Marjorie, Harold, Julia, and Joel.

Jermy Wight, 1926-2019

Jermy served as President of the Wyoming State Historical Society and later as President and board member of the Star Valley Historical Society. In the latter capacity, he:

• Preserved historic buildings to house museums: The Seminary building – DUP Museum, two University of Wyoming Extension Barns – SV Historical Society Museum and the Lander Trail Center.
• Authored two books on the Lander Trail: Frederick W Lander and the Lander Trail and Lander Trail Cut-Off Through the Salt River Valley, 1858, A Field Manual.
• Sponsored projects along the Lander Trail; Maps, signage, treks; restoration of gravesites, the Snyder Basin Cabin, historic river crossings, and terraces; a kiosk at Fort Hall.
• Created the Lander Trail Center.
Jermy married Letha “Billie” Dunn and they had three daughters. He later married Grace Riley. He served in the US Army in WWII and Korea, retiring as a Major, and had a distinguished career in Social Work on the state level in Wyoming.

Noel Marvin Sessions, 1937-2020

Noel Marvin Sessions was born May 16, 1937 in Afton, Wyoming. Following high school, Noel joined the Wyoming National Guard and was called up to active duty during the Vietnam war and then returned home to become a lifelong entrepreneur and volunteer with a passion and love for Afton and the community. Noel died September 3rd, 2020.

• Born in Afton 1937
• Joined the Wyoming National Guard in 1955
• Deployed to Active Duty during Vietnam War
• Married Karen Brown and had three children
• Founding Member of Star Valley Search and Rescue
• Founding Member of Star Valley Sno-Skippers
• Forty-six years active member of Afton Volunteer Fire Department
• Three term Mayor for the Town of Afton
• Co-Owner of CBS Transportation
• Owner Sessions Oil
• Owner Tri-Star Lumber
• Served on Lincoln County Economic Development Board
• Served on Afton Utility Board

Owen Woodruff Cranney, 1904 – 1992
Owen faithfully served the people of Afton, Star Valley, the State of Wyoming, and the United States of America in the following capacities:

• Afton Postmaster, 1946-1972
• President, Wyoming Chapter, Postmasters of the United States
• Chairman, Education Committee, National Association of Postmasters
• Recipient, Postmaster General’s Citation of Excellence
• Recipient, National Association of Postmasters Certificate of Merit
• Hosted Wyoming Chapter, National Association of Postmasters, twice
• President, Afton Businessmen’s Association
• Director, Afton Chamber of Commerce
• President, Afton Lions Club
• District Finance Chairman, Teton Peaks Council, Boy Scouts of America
• Chairman, North Lincoln County Savings Bonds Committee
• President, Star Valley TV Association and was instrumental in bringing TV to Star Valley

Owen was an ethical man who valued hard work and service to others. He was married to Winona Miller Bruce. They raised a son and two daughters. He was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and faithfully served in several leadership callings.

Alvin LeRoy Robinson, 1942-2016

Alvin was a prominent business man; he loved his hometown of Afton and Star Valley, serving Afton in the following capacities:
● Afton Municipal Court Judge from 1995 to 2013
● Afton Fire Department from 1967-2003
● Afton Planning & Zoning Board Member
● Accountant for Maverik Corporate Office & Aviat Aircraft
● Constructed and Operated a Convenient Store in Afton
● Constructed and Operated Three Different Car Washes in Afton & Thayne
● Constructed Office Buildings Including the USDA/ Edward Jones Building and the Department of Family Services Building
● Purchased and Remodeled Several Buildings on Main Street including a Restaurant and the Lincoln Self Reliance Building
● Recipient of the Good Year Award for his Conservation Efforts

Alvin was a man of integrity and outstanding character. He was also an avid outdoorsman. He was admired and loved by his family and those who knew him. When people drive down Main Street in Afton one can see that Alvin has left a lasting legacy. He married Alice Perry and they have two children, six grandchildren, and several great grandchildren.